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Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Civil servant by day, Renaissance dancer by night, 24-hour bibliophile. Gafiated Canadian SF fan, proud recipient of 1 and 1/8 Aurora awards.

My last name is distinctive, and although it's not a secret, I prefer to keep it off the internet when possible.

Love reading, very bad at writing. If I ask to subscribe, it's because I enjoy your journal. No hard feelings if you don't accept or reciprocate.

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alberta avenue, angela carter, anthropology, arthur ransome, arts and crafts, barbara hambly, beer, books, borealis, bruce sterling, c.j. cherryh, captain awkward, caroline stevermer, charles stross, cider, civ 3, ckua, coffee, cooking, corb lund, diana wynne jones, diane duane, dick francis, dorothy l. sayers, eating, editing, edmonton, elizabeth bear, ellen kushner, emma bull, event planning, fairy tales, fantasy, feminism, file 770, flanders and swann, folk, food, guy gavriel kay, history, howard waldrop, jo walton, joan aiken, john m. ford, jonathan kellerman, josephine tey, jr. gone wild, kage baker, kinuko craft, known world dance symposium, l.m. montgomery, laurie colwin, lawrence block, lois mcmaster bujold, louisa may alcott, lurking on blogs, making light, martha wells, massive attack, miss manners, music, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nellie mcclung, nina kiriki hoffman, nine inch nails, oliver sacks, on spec magazine, pamela dean, patricia mckillip, patricia wrede, paul kelley, peter watts, pottery, proofreading, psychology, publishing, questionable content, r.a. macavoy, rat creek press, reading, renaissance dance, renaissance music, richard thompson, robertson davies, robin mckinley, roger zelazny, roseanne cash, rudyard kipling, sara paretsky, sarah monette, sca, science, science fiction, sean stewart, sf fandom, society for creative anachronism, stained glass, tanith lee, tanya huff, techno, terry pratchett, the baltimore consort, theme hospital, tom canty, ursula k. le guin, william gibson, wine, xkcd, zenna henderson
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